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Welcome to the official page of Sand Tigers Inc.

This will be a whole new beginning towards building the future of sports for our young athletes.  Here we can plan advanced training for all ages as well as provide a healthy competitive environment for our adults and young adults. 

Thank you for checking out our page!  

Exciting News For Fall Soccer!

This fall we have the honor and pleasure of joining with Capital FC of Salem. This cooperation will ultimately benefit the quality of soccer for the youth of our local and surrounding communities. 

We will be transforming the U14 into traveling teams so that they can have a better experience. 

We can also look into forming U10, or even U8 travel teams. 


As much fun as this will all be, it does require coaches that can commit to an 8 week season with practices and traveling to games on Saturdays. 

If you are interested or know someone, please contact us by email. 

A great way to "kick" start the season!

Sand Tigers Inc

Our Mission is to nurture the physical, mental, and emotional growth of the youth through the sport of soccer.  Teaching from grass roots level, up to advanced skill training.  We will provide the environment where our motto is: “Excellence Achieved Thru Effort”.

Fall Soccer

Update 6/30/22

Registration Opens First week of July

We are very honored to be working with Capital FC in Salem for our fall soccer season!  This will be a great way to enhance our youth soccer by providing a quality experience they will remember for years.

Soon we will provide the link that will get you directly to the sign up website.